DevLog 2017.10.14

Hi All!

Good news! We are still alive! 

This can be considered as kind of short devlog rather than long status post.

So ... long time no news from us, but no worries, one thing for sure is that we are still crunching in development. (even harder, yeah!)

Long story short, we have completed Act 3 and we are in development of Act 5 right now (and yes, we are skipping Act 4 for some reason). Act 5 is more challenging compared with other Acts because there are many things have to be delivered storywise in this act, and we want that story conveyed as good experience, not just a gimmick.

Timmy is struggling to reach his dream, and so we are of course! We plan to finish the content of Act 5 by the end of this month, and then polish it meanwhile starting to work on Act 6. Wohoo! 

And that video above is the footage from Act 3. And guess  which place(s) we are referencing in this Act ?

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