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When is Rage in Peace going to come out on steam?

Warning: This game will make you rage. But it is so god damn good

aqui les dejo mi segundo gameplay de este juego y donde descrubri que era una demo lol

Hilariously fun game! The dialogue can drone on for a bit but the levels are short but difficult which makes it fun :D

Here is my little lets play off this game if you're interested :)

Buen juego aunque mucho troleo en el pero es bueno aqui les dejo este Gameplay

Totally awesome game!! Made it through the first Act! It was hard but doable. Definitely will return to this making another episode!! :D

Stay Rad Everybody!!

Toooootally enjoyed this one! 😂 watchout for my next episodes as i try to finish.. and die alot.. in this game 😆

cant wait for the full game!

Wow this game was so pretty! I could feel the efforts put creating this game, despite being a platformer was really well made. And surely stuck to his name, I almost never felt so enraged by a game xD I did a little LP about it, hope you won't be bothered!

very fun I enjoyed it!!

Part #2!

I played the demo, had a lot of fun. And of course proceeded with voting on Greenlight. :)

Man, this game is just sublime. Had a blast reading the lines. Full game right now pls!

This was amazing! Thank you I look forward to the full game!


hi thanks! we enjoy the video, thanks for the feedback in the end of the video :D

and it seems you experienced bug after boss, we will fixed it soon.

So are we allowed to make youtube videos? This looks awesome!

hi! of course! please do, thank youu :)

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dark souls is too easy respect this game...... i have do it a video when i die die die and die over and over again

hey! thanks for the video, looks like you had fun there. :D

We've just uploaded the demo version containing 2 full stages. Try it out!

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Really enjoyed the game. It was a good level of rage but fun to keep going. Animation was awesome and I'm looking forward to the next part. keep uo the good work.

P.S. here's my let's play of it hope you enjoy it:

Hi, thank you, will work harder for the better. And thanks for putting the gameplay on youtube, it's fun to watch it. And for the next part ... we just uploaded the new build with Stage 2 added, please try and let us know what you think. :)

Love it so far! I like how Death seems so chill ^^

I also made a let's play of it o-o Hope I did this game justice ><

Hi, nice play! Haha, thanks for putting the gameplay on youtube. We just uploaded the new build with Stage 2 added. :)